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 Guaranteed Irish | Orders ship daily from Dublin
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Newton's Cradle

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Product Description

Newtons Cradle is named after Sir Isaac Newton himself, an invention which he employed to demonstrate a scientific discovery. 

Pull up 1 ball of the Newtons Cradle, release it, and on impact, only 1 ball moves from that reaction. Pull up 2 balls of the Newtons Cradle, release and 2 balls will react! 

This simple yet unexpected result from the Newtons Cradle shows that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. By jove! The contact of the outer ball with the inner balls of Newton's Cradle has the visually startling effect of moving all the energy through the stationary balls, because only the outer balls move in an equal reaction to each other. Thus, Newtons Cradle demonstrates that an object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. That's a little fact for you to crack out one time, we'll give you that for nothing. 

But hey! The Newtons cradle wasn't only a tool used by the great brainy man himself to prove a scientific point; it is also a fantastically relaxing object to have rhythmically clicking away at your elbow as you work. 

Newtons Cradle delivers a daily dose of unprecedented genius into your life, who knows, maybe the sparkling intelligence and inspiration will rub off on you?!


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