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Hampers & Cash from the National Lottery is delighted to partner again with the National Lottery this year to provide €500 Hampers prizes for their new Hampers & Cash scratch card game.

If you are the lucky winner of a hamper voucher firstly, congratulations! Here are a few quick notes to help you redeem:

  1. After receiving your Gift Card pack from the National Lottery, select any hampers or gifts on the website. You can use the Gift Card multiple times until fully redeemed or the Gift Card expires. You can place an order via the website, order form or phone.
  2. If ordering online, enter the long number on your Gift Card on the payment page and click the Redeem button. That's it! We will ship your gifts to your chosen shipping address.
  3. Alternatively, you can order via posting your completed Order Form in your pack to us or by calling 01-4656444.
  4. Should you have remaining credit on your card you can use again and again up until the Expiry Date printed on your Gift Card (min 5 years). You can use the Gift Card for ongoing gift-giving requirements (birthdays, anniversaries, next Christmas, etc.).
  5. You can check your Gift Card balance at any time by visiting:

Please Contact Us if you have any queries, we are here to help.

Exclusive Offer

This year, we have an exclusive hamper offer for Hampers & Cash winners! You can redeem your €500 Gift Card for a €300 hamper packed with treats plus a €200 One4All Gift Card, which can be used in over 8,500 retail outlets! Should you wish to fully redeem your Gift Card for this offer, click here.