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Why choose a Hamper? Our hampers are the best in the business. We select only the finest food products and partner these with award-winning wines to produce a truly unique and memorable gift. Our hampers are assembled freshly everyday according to strict procedures to ensure the highest quality is consistently met. Hamper sub-categories:

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Design Your Own HamperDesign Your Own Hamper
 1-2 Days
Children of Lir HamperChildren of Lir Hamper
 1-2 Days
Chilean Double Wine Gift BoxChilean Double Wine Gift Box
 1-2 Days
Cu Chulainn HamperCu Chulainn Hamper
 1-2 Days
Deirdre HamperDeirdre Hamper
 1-2 Days
Diarmuid and Grainne HamperDiarmuid and Grainne Hamper
 1-2 Days
Fionn Mac Cumhaill HamperFionn Mac Cumhaill Hamper
 1-2 Days
French Double Wine Gift BoxFrench Double Wine Gift Box
 1-2 Days
Mixed Half Dozen Wine Gift BoxMixed Half Dozen Wine Gift Box
 1-2 Days
Oisin HamperOisin Hamper
 1-2 Days
Roisin Dubh HamperRoisin Dubh Hamper
 1-2 Days
Tir na n'Og HamperTir na n'Og Hamper
 1-2 Days
Trio Wine Gift BoxTrio Wine Gift Box
 1-2 Days