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How to buy the perfect birthday gift

Posted by TeamGifts | Posted in Gift Giving Advice | Posted on 15-04-2008

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Whether for your partner, family, friends buying birthday gifts can be a challenging and even daunting task for some. No matter what the circumstances, you’ll want the gift to have a pleasing impact on the recipient; other factors such as their expectations can also come in to play!

Below are a few hints on buying birthday gifts:

Use a Gift Reminder List
We’ve all been in a situation when we are reminded of an impending birthday and can’t decide what to buy at such short notice. I recommend that you keep a gift reminder list in your diary, email calendar or using an automatic gift reminder service. That way, you’ll be reminded of the birthday with plenty of time to decide which suitable gift to buy.

Take Gift Notes Of Their Interests
In conjunction with your gift reminder list, take notes when you think of a really good gift to buy your recipient. Pay attention to items people mention they want or are interested in. Whether out shopping with your partner or discussing your interests with your friends and family we are often reminded of what types of gifts they like (sometimes on purpose!). Make a note of this as soon as possible. When their birthday comes around, deciding will be easy as you simply refer to your list crossing off each gift as you give it.

For special occasions such as mile-stone birthdays, try exceed their expectations – knock them off their feet with your understanding of what they like and the quality of your purchase.

Gift Wrapping
Remember often the surprise and excitement alone of getting and opening a gift can add a great deal to the impact on your recipient. Presentation is key as this generally adds to their excitement when opening the gift. Carefully wrap each gift when possible.

Think of a suitable time to give the gift – this can also increase the wow factor. For example, having a gift delivered to your recipient’s work place or hiding it in a place they will find it can often add to the surprise.